Generating more opportunities

24 February 2023|

Considering quality education as the basis for true sustainable development, we signed an agreement with Anpuy foundation, with the aim of generating new educational and social opportunities for children and youth in Salta. This strategic [...]

Bridging Gaps

26 January 2023|

We have created a lactation room with the aim of facilitating the labor reintegration of women from our organization who return to their work activities after maternity leave.  It is a space that arises as [...]

Education matters to us

20 October 2022|

Within the framework of SDG 4, one of the pillars of our Sustainable Projects is to work for quality education, together with strategic allies. One of the actions carried out was the development of a [...]

Promoting the energy transition in a sustainable way

“Sustainability in our daily operations is essential, and we believe it is the only way to do mining responsibly. Our mine, and the plant under construction, represents a major socially and environmentally responsible investment. Our company is playing its part in the global energy transition by providing lithium carbonate for the Electric Vehicle market. This project is a great challenge for us and for Argentina.”

Daniel Chávez Díaz
CEO Eramine Sudamérica S.A.

US$700 million

24,000 t
of battery-grade lithium carbonate per year

10 Mt of LCE resources
(1 million tonnes
of lithium reserves)

1000 workers
in peak construction

Eramine people
& 50
contractors workforce in operations*


80% local employment

About Eramet

Eramet, a global mining and metallurgy group, is a key player in the extraction and recovery of metals (manganese, nickel, mineral sands) as well as the development and processing of high added-value alloys (high-speed steels, high-performance steels, superalloys, and aluminum and titanium alloys).

By leveraging its operational excellence, the quality of its investments, and the expertise of its employees, the Group has developed an industrial, managerial, and societal model that is both ethical and value-generating. A corporate citizen that knows how to give back, Eramet strives to cultivate a sustainable and socially responsible industry.


€3,668 bn
in revenue

countries of operation

* In accordance with the IFRS 5 standard – “Non-current assets held for sale and discontinued operations”, the Aubert & Duval, Erasteel and Sandouville entities are presented in the Group’s consolidated financial statements as operations in the process of being sold for the 2020 and 2021 financial years