Since 2021, Eramine Sudamérica S.A. has been a joint venture between Eramet (50.1%), and its partner Tsingshan (49.9%).

Eramet retains responsibility for operational management; and both partners have contributed to the total amount investment in the project (approximately MUS$870).

Alejandro Moro
Alejandro MoroCEO Eramine Sudamérica S.A.

The Board of Directors (2022)

Jing Li
Jing LiChairman of the Board of Directors
Hervé Montégu
Hervé MontéguVice Chairman of the Board of Directors
 Shen Lyu
Shen LyuActing Director
Juan Archibaldo Lanús
Juan Archibaldo LanúsActing Director
Rolando Manuel Ortiz Rodríguez
Rolando Manuel Ortiz RodríguezDeputy Director
María Alejandra Alberdi
María Alejandra AlberdiActing Director
Xiang Jinqiang
Xiang JinqiangDeputy Director

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