Applying Eramine’s values is everyone’s responsibility

Eramine’s Sudamérica S.A. business has incorporated a clear and strong Corporate Social Responsibility program, which is based on Eramet’s 13 CSR road map objectives (borrowed from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals).

To meet its commitments, Eramine subscribes to and observes 4 main values and principles:

  1. Human rights (ethics & integrity, anti-corruption)
  2. Safety (zero occupational accidents)
  3. Sustainability (catalyst for local development)
  4. Protection of the environment and of biodiversity

These values and principles, which are fundamental to our Company’s identity, must be understood and applied by all employees and subcontractors, stakeholders and any people that are working with Eramine.

During the construction phase, we launched the IRMA certification process (IRMA Standard for Responsible Mining), an international recognition for companies that implement actions compatible with socially and environmentally responsible mining, a concrete way of expressing commitment to social and environmental responsibility. The external audit is scheduled for 2023, has multi-stakeholder governance (NGOs, mining industry, international unions, intermediate buyers, investors and finance, etc.) and covers the following items:

  • Environmental Protection
  • Community Relations
  • Human Rights

In 2021, Eramet incorporated this mission into its statutes in order to reflect its longstanding commitment to being a committed, socially responsible and civic-minded company.

Eramet purpose:

Become a reference for the responsible transformation of the Earth’s mineral resources, for living well together.