During the exploration phase (2010 – 2022)

Between 2010 and 2022, direct employment generated by Eramine exceeded 250 people, excluding subcontractors. In addition, purchases of inputs and materials are made from local suppliers, to the extent possible, in order to contribute to the local economy.

The Pilot Plant not only served to develop and optimize the process, but also to improve the skills of its employees. One of the main benefits of this plant is that it raises the level of local labor and industry.

During the construction phase (2022-2024)

The region of Salta and Argentina is benefiting directly from the project: local companies, workers, suppliers, etc.

local companies

Argentinian workers

US$390 million injected
into the Argentinian economy

In the operation phase

This industrial activity will generate significant economic benefits for Argentina, based on production costs and the market price of lithium.

Among the benefits: purchase of goods and services from local suppliers, provincial royalties, national, provincial, and municipal taxes.

  • 270 people will be employed in operations
  • 50 subcontractors in operations

Other benefits for Argentina are related to the technology being used and the high levels of skills being provided to the local workforce:

  • Eramine extracts lithium using the most resource-efficient process
  • It processes this resource in Argentina, into a high value-added product, battery-grade lithium carbonate, with the minimum of impurities.
  • It contributes to Argentina being a major actor in the energy transition,for which lithium is essential, a transition that must be successfully negotiated in order to preserve the climatic balance of our planet.