Considering quality education as the basis for true sustainable development, we signed an agreement with Anpuy foundation, with the aim of generating new educational and social opportunities for children and youth in Salta.

This strategic alliance is part of the development of the Education Program that we carry out at Eramine, as one of our cornerstone in sustainability management. Through it, we seek to accompany more than 400 students from different locations in Salta, both at the middle school, high school and bachelor´s degree, through workshop spaces linked to their life project, tutorial sessions and financial aid.

“A quality education is the basis for true sustainable development and for this reason, we are constantly looking for allies who share our commitment and join their efforts to expand access opportunities to those who want to study and have great challenges to do so,” said Constanza. Cintioni, Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility and Communication.

That is why when planning the implementation of our strategy, we carry out one of our great alliances with Anpuy, a social organization that has been accompanying young people living in vulnerable contexts for 25 years, so that they can improve their quality of life through education. Their programs provide new educational and social opportunities to children, adolescents and young people, from a personalized accompaniment, in all the challenges they face in order to advance and finish their studies.

At Eramine we are very proud to work together with the Anpuy Foundation for another year, adding new actions and always betting on the potential of our young people.