Together with the Por Nuestros Niños Foundation, we promote initiatives that go beyond our mining activity, positively impacting the community and the environment. These programmes seek to generate economic, social and environmental benefits, thus complying with the principles of triple impact.

One of the fundamental pillars of these programmes is the promotion of local economic development. Through education and technical training, we contribute to the encouragement of new enterprises and the strengthening of existing ones, increasing skills and knowledge in: business planning, marketing, commercialisation, administration, among others.

Strategically, we extended these programmes to the towns of Salta Capital, La Silleta, Campo Quijano, Alfarcito and even San Antonio de Los Cobres, thus covering the entire route along which the company travels to its project, located in the Centenario Ratones salt flat.

Reaching 323 students and 66 entrepreneurs, the results of these programmes, based on the generation of employment and the promotion of local productive activities, have generated a virtuous circle of enterprises that are likely to interconnect with each other, strengthening the region’s economy.