A major player in the industry

Eramine Sudamérica SA is a subsidiary of Eramet, a French global mining and metallurgical group. It is located in the Salar Centenario Ratones, 3,800 meters above sea level, in the department of Los Andes, in Salta, Argentina.

Exploration activities started 12 years ago and at the end of 2019 our pilot plant started operating, providing a demonstration of the quality of the final lithium carbonate product, with more than 90% direct extraction efficiency. We are currently in the process of constructing the battery grade lithium carbonate production plant, which will be operational in the first half of 2024.

The Eramet Group has a long history of investment, processing and innovation, making it one of the key players in mining and metallurgy worldwide. It is committed to creating an efficient and sustainable industry and has embarked on the IRMA international standard certification process.

Achievements so far:

1 million tons
of LCE

direct extraction
efficiency level

water recycling

Free, Prior and Informed Consent obtained

In 2021, Eramet partnered with the main worldwide producer of stainless steel: the Chinese steelmaker Tsingshan. In 2022 the partners launched construction of the lithium carbonate production plant and mining project.

After the investment of approximately US$700 million, Eramine Sudamérica is set to begin production in early 2024 — 24,000 t LCE per year, involving 270 workers and approximately 50 contractors in operations.