A hybrid electric source

Eramine’s electric system is hybrid. Part of it uses solar energy and the rest utilizes fuel. After the installation of 300-kw capacity solar panels in 2021, we estimate that fuel savings will reach 40% by 2030, which will reduce our carbon footprint. In addition, solar energy is a sustainable energy source.

The Ratones Solar Farm has cutting-edge technology that enables us to take maximum advantage of daylight in Puna. The farm has a solar tracking system that, thanks to an algorithm, adjusts the panels to the weather conditions to make the most of the available sunlight. Additionally, the panels are bifacial, which means that solar cells are present in both faces of the panel so that they can also take advantage of ground-reflected light, which is also captured and used. Panels also have a hybrid controller that prevents them being damaged by exposure to excessively powerful solar rays.


300 kw

Surface area:

6,314 m2

Daily production:

4,320 kwh

Green energy produced in 2021:

67,000 kwh

Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions:

52 t

Fuel savings in 2021:

24 m3