We have created a lactation room with the aim of facilitating the labor reintegration of women from our organization who return to their work activities after maternity leave. 

It is a space that arises as part of our inclusion and diversity policy, to provide encourage women who are in the transition of maternity and respond to one of the challenges of returning to work: breastfeeding and its continuity during the work day. 

This room is intended exclusively for the extraction and conservation of breast milk and has the necessary hygienic conditions for its adequate conservation. In addition, the space was specially prepared to provide privacy and comfort to mothers who are based in the Salta´s office. 

“When there are gender inclusive policies, it is possible for women to be mothers and develop professionally”, these were the words of Fernanda Petersen, a member of our team and one of the main promoters of the creation of this room. 

We are proud to be pioneers in the implementation of action like this in local mining, and it is a clear example of our commitment to guarantee the rights of women who are part of our organization with a gender perspective that promotes their participation and development.